Josa Green Technologies Limited researches and develops appropriate clean cooking technologies that suit schools, enterprises and households with an aim of reducing cooking costs and associated risks for improved livelihood and environmental conservation.

Our core targets are schools and enterprises because of the high energy needs that have escalated deforestation countrywide resulting in price increase of fuel wood in urban and semi urban areas. Cooking fuel is a major cost item for the school budgets. In rural areas, it is a common practice that pupils are obliged to bring wood from home, or they are being sent to collect the wood in the nearby forest instead of attending classes. Josa Green Technologies uses build-lease-maintain model through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) with schools to construct institutional briquette stoves.


a) Training: Josa Green Technologies Ltd values and appreciates technology transfer, we train individuals, NGOs, Companies, community groups who are interested in learning technologies of clean cooking like manufacture of energy saving stoves and making of carbonised briquettes using available organic waste with an aim of lowering costs on cooking, reducing indoor air pollution, creating businesses or conserving the environment.
b) Household deliveries for efficient, clean and affordable honey-comb briquettes and customised briquette energy saving stoves.
c) Construction and maintenance of institutional stoves.
d) Making, fubrication and training in household cook stoves.
e) Repairs for household stoves.
f) Making and training in ceramic liners.


 Managing Director presenting at workshop

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