»»Key Achievements

»» Key Lessons Learned over time

  • Sales should not be hinged on one category of cliental base if sustainability of cash flow is to be maintained
  • Mobile sales create more sales on the side of cook stoves and create more visibility and awareness about the products
  • There is growing appreciation and uptake of both energy saving stoves and carbonized briquettes
  • For continued use by customers, briquettes must be easily accessible, available and with compatible cook stoves
  • We have learnt that production and drying are twins and inseparable. Therefore, drying capacity must be five (5) times higher than production to enable daily production
  • Machine breakdown- a reliable mechanic must always be present to repair the machine for smooth and continuous production
  • Quality and quantity must be always upheld and never compromised for customers to keep using our briquettes
  • Foster linkages with suppliers of raw materials to ensure raw materials are available which also can be an added advantage in terms of employment and continuous production
  • Schools are good partners in the business for long term business operations; however, they hold a lot of business cash which affects the operations and cash flow which can even lead to non-performance of the company or collapse if the company is not financially stable
  • All clients need to be mapped for easy tracking and restocking of briquettes
  • Packaging for easy and safe handling, transportation, storage and visibility as well as easy identification is key for marketing purposes
  • »»Business Risks

  • Market distortion by some companies engaged in carbon trading mainly on the side of cook stoves
  • Long process to have schools make a decision to construct improved stoves compatible to briquettes
  • Bad roads continue to be a challenge to the movement of our products and materials.
  • Power cut and load shedding which resulted in production failure (auto machines). This has affected both production and smooth running of the business
  • Schools take long to pay their agreed instalments affecting our projected cash flow
  • Unpredictable weather mainly rains that affect our mixing schedules and the drying process of briquettes
  • Under taking costly activities that do not directly contribute to production or sales but are key to the success and sustainability of the business,(construction of a warehouse and the offices)
  • Machine breakdown limiting us from achieving the anticipated briquette production volumes
  • Price fluactuations for inputs for both briquettes and stoves.
  • Multiple taxation by local town councils which mainly affect the morale of our sales teams.
  • High prices of raw materials
  • Suppliers who wanted quick gains and supply substandard inputs
  • »»Are there any considerations for these risks impacting the business in the future?

  • Yes, however drawing from experience with the business we believe the risks will impact our operations negatively at a very minimal scale
  • »»Sustainability of Results: Based on the project outcomes, how will the results be sustained or built on in the future?

  • Josa has already established a market network which is growing day by day through commission based agents who resale our products
  • We are working towards developing a sustainability plan working with external consultants
  • Josa will continue to expand her market at every given opportunity mainly with big consumers of energy as a new market for our briquettes
  • Josa Green Technologies Ltd has managed to protect, conserve and promote environment

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